About Us

MUSEIQ on a Mission! Fairness and transparency are fundamental values for the MUSEIQ platform. With a desire to create new ways of revenue for artists and a unique user experience for the listeners, MUSEIQ has fueled the rocket, and getting ready for a travel of a lifetime.

Where does the money go and flow? Paying the real creators of the great music we are listening to, is key for us at Team MUSEIQ. We would like to know where the money goes and flows, which is why our payout model is radically different from others in the market. We want you, as a listener and fan, to know which artists you are supporting. Therefore, we have added a validation option for all artists on the MUSEIQ platform. When validating an artist, you as a fan, are telling the community that you approve this artist in terms of music and quality. But even more, it also sends $1 directly to the artist each month as a direct support*. Swipe-Rate the Charts! Tired of endless charts which you don’t understand nor agree on? MUSEIQ gives the fans total control over the MUSEIQ Charts. You can Swipe-Rate all songs on our music player, which then creates ratings for all songs. Beside an overall Top-Chart, MUSEIQ also delivers Charts within every music genre, so artists compete with peers. You know what is even cooler than fans creating the Charts? The MUSEIQ Charts pays out money every month to each song on every Chart. So what are you waiting for? Go help your favorite artists with climbing the Charts!

If you care, Share! The Worlds is a huge place, and even though we are living in a digital age, it can be very difficult for artists to share their great music Worldwide. On MUSEIQ you can connect with friends or fellow music fans, to make sure that we all share the great music we discover on MUSEIQ. Share your recent finds of great songs or share your entire playlists. Basically.. just share, share, share!

Subscription Plan – Which one fits me? MUSEIQ offers 3 different subscription types; Silver ($4.99) Gold ($12.99) Platinum ($34.99).

Why should you pay more than $4.99? Well.. you don’t have too! Even with a Silver subscription, you will be a great contribution to supporting artists. MUSEIQ always charges the same amount for using the platform, no matter which subscription you choose. As a Silver member, you can validate 1 x artists, which means that you can choose which artist you want to donate $1 to - every month! Upgrading to Gold will give you 4 x Validations, and a Platinum Membership gives you 16 x Validations.

Overview Silver – 1 x $1 Donation (monthly through subscription) Gold – 5 x $1 Donation (monthly through subscription) Platinum – 20 x $1 Donation (monthly through subscription) If you as a Gold or Platinum member, wishes to stake an specific artist with all of your validation options ($5 or $20) this is also possible!

We believe that paying for music is important to maintain great talent within the music business, but we believe that it is even more important that we know our money actually supports the artists we want it to support. That is transparency! Creator Freedom!

MUSEIQ is all about supporting the creators. We strongly believe that music can not be free. Also, we are not fans of commercials. We like to think that music fans want a good user experience without annoying adds or breaks. But somebody needs to pay for the party, and that somebody, is us! The music fans! As an artist it is always 100% free to sign up for MUSEIQ and share your great music with the community. The more the merrier. We promise that as an artist we will not charge you anything, beside your time and creativity.

*See more about subscription plans in the ‘Subscription Plan’ section. $1 will be sent to the artist as long as you subscribe to MUSEIQ.

Contact MuseIQ

General contact - info@museiq.one

Artist contact - promotion@museiq.one